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As the Old Colony’s history stretches beyond modern Taunton’s borders, so too does the Old Colony History Museum’s postcard collection. With over 3,000 individual cards in the collection, these postcards provide insight into life in Taunton and the surrounding area, from 1890 onwards. This digital database is a sample of what we have in the larger collection, documenting many different people, places, and events from throughout the region’s history.


Military Band – Taunton, Mass. 1907. Frank McKenney, Leader
Central Fire Station, Taunton, Mass.
Taunton Y.M.C.A. Junior Gym Class, 1909
Dear sis,
I seen a man, he goes to Davis Lunch sometime. If you wants get your cat back, see me – HAZELTON INN, bring the 25 dollars. I can put the finger on him. I seen him nearly every day. I seen him lift your cat.
Mabel Hansalan.
Text on reverse reads:
There were 3 houses between the baseball lot and the Four Corners.
These were the Porters on the boat “Commonwealth” of the Fall River Line. They played the team from Reed & Barton for several years on the Metacomet lot on East Britannia St.
Regimental Parade. MVM. (1914) Fort Strong, Mass.


Carlow’s Corner, Weir and Main Street, Taunton, Mass.

Church Green

Cohannet Street & Gazette Building, Taunton, Mass.

Entrance to Dighton Rock Park, Dighton, Mass.

Interior, St. Mary’s Church, Taunton, England.

Greetings from Picturesque America
City Square and Taunton Green, Taunton, Mass.


Industrial Exhibition
I.O.O.F. Hall
Whole Week Beginning May 20
Open 1 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. Daily
Everyone should see the splendid array of exhibits and machines in operation, turning out
products which are making Taunton Famous.
Admission, 25 Cents Rebate Tickets, Worth 10c Each, Given Away by All Taunton Merchants
On the Common, Festas
Happynings, Taunton, Mass.
Massasoit State Park, Kiddies Day
Flood Scene. Business District, Hudson, Mass.
Hurricane Wreckage, Silver Beach, Falmouth
A Twisted Mass of Huge Oaks and Maples
Elephant Parade, Downtown Taunton, Mass.

Project by Samantha Miller, Mount Holyoke College, Intern, Summer 2017