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The Old Colony History Museum offers interactive and engaging educational programming designed to inspire your students to be curious about history and exercise their critical thinking skills.

This is the perfect option to re-enforce the Massachusetts Education Standards for History and Social Studies!

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2015-2016 School Programs

Mapping Taunton

Overview of Lesson Plan:

Students evaluate the different types of historical and geographical information that one can gather through close study of Taunton maps. Students analyze various maps spanning the 18th through the 20th centuries, as well as use primary source written material to create a map of their own.

Upon completion of this program, students should have a general knowledge of how the city of Taunton has grown and changed over the last three centuries. They should understand that the landmarks they see in their daily lives, the roads they normally travel, and the land that they inhabit is the same land that has been used by people just like them for hundreds of years. They will also have a general knowledge of the the importance of maps and how they are used.


Overview of Lesson Plan:

Immigrants came to Taunton from all over the world looking for a better life. America’s streets were supposedly paved with gold and incredible opportunities were to be had by those who were willing to leave their homeland and embark on a long journey to an unknown land. Students will evaluate the circumstances surrounding immigration to Taunton during the period of industrialization in the latter half of the 19th century. Students will identify the variety of ethnic backgrounds that could, and still can, be found in Taunton as well as the reality of the life of an immigrant in the new world.

Museum In a Box

Can’t make it to the Museum? No problem!

While we love to host school groups at the museum, we understand it isn’t always possible to plan a field trip. If you are unable to bring your class to the Old Colony History Museum but still would like to incorporate this experience into your curriculum, don’t worry, we can come to you! A limited number of educational programs are offered through our Museum In A Box program.

Give us a call at 508.822.1622 for details and pricing information.

“The museum is small, but child-friendly, with a wide variety of artifacts that offer glimpses of the past that are connected to the local area and a staff that makes the stories of these artifacts come alive. The volunteers that led our tour definitely enriched our experience with their deep knowledge of little-known facts and their obvious passion for connecting people to the past.”
Online review
“An amazing look at local history and life!”
“I had no idea that Taunton’s history was as rich and fascinating as it is. Everyone who lives in the city should come and learn about how amazing their hometown is!”
Museum visitor

Engaging educators will utilize hands on activities, and interactive displays to immerse your students in the rich history of Taunton, Massachusetts. Watch as history comes to life at the Old Colony History Museum!