44 Things: Displays at Old Colony History Museum offer a trip back in time

The Old Colony History Museum is a portal back in time to when English settlers established Taunton, and it provides a look into how important Revolutionary War history played out in the city.

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Rebranding effort taking off at the Old Colony History Museum

Two floors, and hundreds of stories, are ready to be told from the Old Colony History Museum on 66 Church Green.

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THE NEW OLD COLONY: Taunton’s history museum gets a reboot

The Old Colony Historical Society recently rebranded as the Old Colony History Museum, with a new logo, a new website and a new mindset emphasizing community outreach, educational engagement and a fun museum experience.

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STOKED IN TAUNTON: The History of the Glenwood Stove

An article published in edible South Shore & South Coast by Old Colony History Museum President William F. Hanna in January 2017.

The Taunton Industrial Park That Was Once A POW Camp

Historian William Hanna shares his knowledge of Taunton’s Camp Myles Standish for WGBH’s series on hidden history.
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